Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes

 In the Manic Household we love our breakfast.  I can have breakfast food anytime of the day.  During the week we usually stick with cereal, waffles, muffins, oatmeal, breakfast burritos made with eggs, cheese and last nights veggie leftovers.  But, on the weekend it's a huge spread.
On Saturdays we usually have brunch because we sleep in and I'm just lazzzzy on Saturdays.  :D  I make sure to include the main Manic food groups..... meat, carbs, and dairy!!!
We love grits and homemade country potatoes, we have to have eggs and then we decide on what meat to have.  We just have a rotation....sausage, bacon and then cornbeef hash.  I know it sounds crazzzzzy, but it works and has been for 15 years.  We always have coffee and OJ to wash it all down. 

 Now Sunday is a whole different ball game.  Pancakes is the drug of choice around here.  And Manic Momma knows just how the Fam likes them!!!

 I always take a stick of butter and slice it while it's cold.  It just makes life easier.  Each pancake gets one butter square to swim in and one on the top after it's cooked for extra love.
 This past Sunday I decided to make my peanut butter cup pancakes.  I  use chocolates chips and when I can find them I use a little of the Peanut butter chips too.  The trick to not burning your chocolate chips is to sprinkle them in once all the bubbles have popped up and it's fully cooked on the one side.  Never put them in your batter and then pour into the pan.  For one the chips wont be evenly distributed through out the pancake and it will also burn and cause a stinky mess.

 My Family loves Peanut butter!!!!!!  So right after I flip it I toss on my second pat of butter and turn the heat on low.  Then I smear on a generous helping of peanut butter.  After it comes out of the pan and onto a plate I give a swirl or two of all natural honey and a swirl of maple syrup.  My Family likes the honey taste to be more predominate then the syrup. ;)  This past Sunday I was feeling extra Manic so I gave them a dollop of whipped cream.  Bellow is a pic of Skylar's huge pancake, I almost broke a wrist lifting this out of the pan.  He's almost 19...he could handle it though!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA

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