Stuff can't make You happy, so get rid of it!

We are still packing. August is looming in the distance. It's close but still so far away. I'm excited about our move and the cute new house. But, I'm at the point where I just don't want to pack anymore. It has happened folks, I've reached my limit. I'm hot, tired, hungry, bored and did I say tired? And to think that after this move we will have at least 2 other moves....maybe just one more if the moving gods are speaking to me or not.
The classroom/craft room is finished. Along with my closet, Kaden's room, Mahala's room and my office. Now I'm at a wall, it's like a page In a book that you keep reading the first sentence over and over again. I hate when I do that!
I need to focus and recommit myself. I need motivation here people, let's send out the Bat Signal quick!
The interesting thing about moving into a smaller house is the fear of putting all your crap in it. I mean all those shopping trips that you took and bought all the stuff you call possessions. You are right they are all just possessions, things you own. Or do they really own you. Think about that trip to Target and you knew you would just die if you didn't have that leather upholstered mirror hanging up in your game room. Or that white T shirt with the small front pocket. Of course you had to have one of those and why not in red, yellow and blue too. I will admit that I am a clothes whore. I love all clothes, even clothes that don't fit me. I just look at those, It would be silly to buy stuff that doesn't fit. Even I have my limits.
As I pack I'm putting together donate and yard sale boxes. I'm getting rid of everything that doesn't bring me joy and happiness. If I don't smile and look good in it I'm getting rid of it. If it doesn't serve a purpose to my family, in the box you go. That part does feel good, but It's draining as well. Maybe that's why the wall is up. Maybe it is hard to let go when the mind listens to the heart that truly believes you need that one thing to be Happy. But, I am happy......even without all that stuff.


  1. Amen, Sister! Preach it!
    great post.

  2. We've got to talk more often. I didn't even know you were moving. WTH.

  3. Good luck with the packing and the move. It's hard for me to part with things too, but the guy on Clean Sweep always says, "The memories aren't in the item." I need to make that my mantra.

  4. I hear ya! We just moved into a slightly bigger house and it still feels stuffed after getting rid of junk.

  5. I absolutely hate packing! But, the draw of the new place helps with the struggle.