Emergency Room, here we come......Again

 Mahala came up to me at the gym and told me her stomach hurt, that she didn't feel well. I offered her some water and she seemed nervous and said that she REALLY didn't feel well. She told me she thought she might throw up. So, I went with her to the bathroom and she leaned on the sink. I tried asking her a few questions, like did she fall, hit her head or.....
She couldn't answer me. I caught a glimpse of her face in the mirror and tilted her head towards me. Her face and neck was white and chalky looking. Around her mouth and eyes it was a deep blue color. She also had beads of sweat on her forehead and chest, even on her arms and back. A lady walked in and I told her I needed help for my daughter. At that time Mahala collapsed over the sink. She was so cold, I had never felt anyone alive that was cold like that. I was terrified to say the least.
The front desk people called the ambulance and there was actually a mother there that was an EMT. What a blessing to have had so many helpful people with us, because I was hardly any help. She was out of it for probably 5-6 minutes before she was able to answer questions. You know how they say time stood still or that 5 minutes was a lifetime. I agree totally, it was like there was an ocean between us and all I had was a spoon to paddle towards her.
When they picked her up to put her in the ambulance there was a sweat outline of her body on the floor. That's how bad she was sweating. The ride to the hospital was not as long as I thought. The guys were wonderful and made both of us feel at ease. Poor Thanh was at home when I first called all frantic. He was rushing to the gym when I had to call back and redirect him to the hospital from the ambulance.
She looked almost normal and not so cold when we were all settled in at the hospital. After several test the Dr. said she was fine enough to go home. But he did say on Monday we needed to go to our regular Doctor. Still confused and worried about what had happened just 8 hours ago we went home. Mahala was exhausted and wanted to sleep. I didn't leave her sight for more then 2 minutes. We were all a little nervous.
The next day she didn't want to go swimming with friends, because she was worried that it might happen again. So, we stayed home and hung out. Friends decided to come over, so that was nice. Sunday night I did try & revisit the situation. I wanted to make sure I had all the facts correct before we saw our Dr. the next morning. She remembered coming to me before the bathroom and some of the ambulance ride. Between that she knows nothing.
Monday morning bright and early we meet with her Doctor.
So, he doesn't even touch her, not even a temperature was taken. And he gives her a diagnosis, vasovagal syncope. Later when we got home I of course looked it up. I don't think everything matches up, but what do you do, he's the one making big bucks, right?
He told me that if it happened again that we would need to do further testing. That we did have heart issues in our family and this could mean something more serious. I had a choice, I could do it now or wait. I decided to go ahead and see the Neurologist. Mahala was worried and I felt it was better to be safe then sorry. So, next week is our appointment.
The Doctor said she could go Monday night to gymnastics. Mahala was a little apprehensive, but decided to go. I watched her every move and thankfully she was as beautiful as ever out there. She has more confidence after going that night and now she is buzzing around here like nothing has happened. And even though it is in the back of my mind I'm letting everything run as it always has. The last thing I need is for her to be a nervous wreck.
More Later


  1. Same thing happened to me years ago only mine was heat exhaustion. I am sure you were petrified for your daughter. I hope everything turns out normal in her tests and that this is something that never happens again. My prayers are with you and your family.

  2. Wow guys! I know we're the worst friends ever - but we'll make sure and say six kindsa prayers for you and our little Mahala (she's still little, right?).

    Love you all!

  3. Oh my gosh! How scary! I will be thinking good things and waiting anxiously for an update.