Sleep with the Fishes!

A few weeks ago we had another hamster die in our family. Let me correct myself....It was "Hamster Homicide"! Mahala went to feed the hamsters a few weeks ago and she screamed like "Freddy" was in the room with her. Skylar and I both ran in to check on her and that's when we saw bits of fuzz all over the counter.
It was nasty and amazing at the same time. I could not believe that one of the hamsters could eat the other. I mean that’s like waking up and finding out that Skylar ate Mahala.
Skylar gathered up a few of its remains and some left over fur and put it all in a cream cheese box. Mahala was emotional beyond words. All I could do was hold her and reassure her that he wasn’t in any pain now.
Skylar, the pain in the ass hat he can be thought Shadow should go out in style. So, as Mahala, Kaden and I started to walk down our stairs to go outside we all of a sudden hear G-N-R’s November Rain blaring. I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t call the cops.

Skylar cleared a path beside Hammy’s plot. He died like just a few months ago. We lowered the cream cheese box into the ground. Mahala placed rocks around it & made a head stone. Even Kaden paid his respects.

As the music played on, Skylar talked about making caution tape to line the Hamster cage. I thought it was too much and of course was accused of being a party poooooper. WHATEVER!!!
Mahala has decided that her next pet after Bolt dies should be a fish. When they die we can just flush them!!!!


  1. I love the caution tape idea! I'm so sorry that ya'll had a pet die. Death is never easy. Hope everyone is going to be ok.

  2. Im so sorry and yet have to say what a funny writer you are (loved the post title).

    Im dreading losing our dogs as the Toddler is so so attached.

  3. Aww, that's sad. I didn't know hamsters were so vicious! That's a tad scary...

  4. Sorry about the loss. It isn't fun for the kids.

  5. Sorry about the hamstercide---how awful! But, I did enjoy reading about the funeral---I love the little grave plots and headstones--is it twisted that I think they're cute/pretty?